stimming: to exercise or to bum


I am currently on day three of taking Provera to get things rolling. I’m ready to get this show on the road already! Since I will start the lovely Follistim in a week or so I thought I would ask what everyone’s opinions/experience is with exercise during this time. I am pretty active (doing yoga and walking throughout the week and strength training with a tabata session twice each week). I feel like it helps me keep my sanity and control some of my PCOS symptoms so I hate to stop doing it. I read in one of the fertility books that strenuous exercise during the stimulation phase can be dangerous because the ovaries enlarge and can get twisted?

Please help me out here with advice…I would like to at least be able to work out a little bit. Let me know what types of exercise you did during this phase (if any). I’ll have a separate post for the post transfer phase.




I apologize for not making comments lately. I’m having trouble doing it with my iPhone/iPad for some reason and I’m on vacation so I don’t have my laptop. Will catch up when I return!

antagonist protocol without oral contraceptives and with lupron trigger

This is what I have to look forward to in July. I will be taking the lowest dose my Dr. has ever prescribed of Follistim for an IVF cycle (200 iu), and will be monitored extra close and use Lupron to trigger instead of Ovidrel. This is all to prevent hyperstimulation, which Dr. RE was very concerned about given my situation. I’m nervous, but ready to get this going. I think the part I am least looking forward to is the progesterone shots twice a day after retrieval. That needle does not look fun, and I am normally fine with shots. I’m hoping to use Endometrin instead, but we are waiting to find out the cost…apparently the shot is typically the more economical route.

Otherwise, everything else involving IVF (with the exception of the transfer) I have done before so I feel ok. I had a retrieval done previously, not as part of an IVF cycle, but because I produced too many eggs during a timed intercourse cycle and didn’t want to cancel. Plus I’m excited that this time during the retrieval I will be knocked out (last time they just numbed my ovaries and dove on in….not fun)

father’s day

This is going to be a short one…I just want to take a moment to wish a happy father’s day to all of the dad’s out there, especially my wonderful hubby and my awesome dad. My husband is already an amazing dad, and I can’t wait to see it in action when we have a “take home” baby. I can’t get over how great he is with children…much better than I am. He truly is a child at heart and I love watching him interact with our niece, nephew, and my young cousins.

Happy father’s day, to fathers of all kinds!

why can Snookie get pregnant and I can’t

I usually try to avoid these types of thoughts, but this is just ridiculous.

“My friends were like, ‘You can have a glass of wine’ and I’m like no, I refuse. I’m going to be that person who has a glass of wine and [the baby] comes out with three legs.” – Snookie

Yes, Snookie, that is what happens when you have a glass of wine while pregnant.


whole lotta nothing

Went in for my day 11 ultrasound today and came up empty. Pretty disappointing considering the good results from the last few cycles at this time. So we are going forward with IVF. I got my SHG this morning (all clear) and just finished getting a ton of blood work. Now we just have to find a time for my husband to get his blood work done (he is traveling a lot right now) and then based upon that we will decide which IVF program makes the most sense. My doctor says I should be able to start stimming in a couple weeks.

I know a lot of people’s doctors have them do birth control for a bit before stimming to “quiet” the ovaries, but my doctor specifically said I wouldn’t do that. Anyone have experience with that?