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Hi there, it turns out shortly after I posted my last entry I found out my doctor did add prednisone to my protocol for our next cycle. For some reason that makes me feel better, probably because it’s just something different.

In other news, I am now leaning towards delaying FET #1 until mid-October. There are lots of things I could list out as the reasons why, but it mostly comes down to a gut feeling that September just isn’t the right time. I think part of it may be related to the fact the September is the month we lost the triplets.

September used to be my favorite month. I really love the transition from summer to fall. The weather is just perfect and it always feels like a transition time akin to New Years Eve…a chance to start fresh. All of that blew up in my face last year when I went into pre-term labor in late September last year. As the first September since that horrible event approaches, I find myself very nervous about what emotions this month will stir up. I want to stay as positive as possible and the pressure of an FET coupled with the crazy emotions from the hormones will do me no favors next month. A negative pregnancy test towards the end of the month would be very difficult to deal with.

So instead, (as of now) I am planning to delay this cycle until October. I am going to try my hardest to make September about having fun, staying positive, eating healthy, and doing lots of yoga.



Hi everyone! I have been paying a little extra attention to blogs that have gone through IVF and noticed that a lot of people take prednisone. My doctor has not mentioned me taking this at all, and for my fresh cycle I did not take it. For those of you who know about this, is it something I should be taking for my next FET?


Thanks for the input on my previous post regarding how many embryos to transfer. We decided to do 1 again this cycle. That may change if this second try does not work out, but we’ll cross that bridge if it’s necessary.

Not much else to report…the transfer will likely be sometime in mid-September due to a vacation for the embryologist at our clinic. In the meantime, I’m on birth control and trying to get back into exercising a lot and eating really healthy in preparation for this next cycle. It is so nice to be done with progesterone in oil!

1 or 2

Well my blood test came in at 2.1 today so I am officially out of the “inconclusive” stage and onto the “not pregnant” one. I completely expected this so for the most part I am just feeling ready to brush this cycle off and move forward.

Now onto the tricky part…how many embryos to transfer this time. Here are the facts surrounding this decision:

* we transferred one hatching embryo during our first fresh cycle with no success
* FET statistically has a slightly lower success rate than fresh cycles
* we have one frozen embryo that was frozen at the hatching stage, and 22 that were grade A or AA expanding blastocysts
* Dr. RE gives us a 20% chance of twins if we transfer 2
* our high risk doctor strongly advises against me carrying multiples, so she would strongly encourage a reduction if I get pregnant with more than one
* Dr. RE recommends we transfer two based upon our last cycle

I really hate being faced with these decisions. After all we have been through, the thought of a reduction is just horrible. Although the thought of another negative pregnancy test and additional costs of more FETs isn’t the greatest either.

Initially I was leaning slightly towards doing one. If I had an uneventful singleton pregnancy then I would feel much better about transferring two and potentially carrying twins, but I feel like I need to go through a nice a boring, long pregnancy before I can do that. It sure is tempting to transfer two though.

How have you guys made the decision on how many to transfer?


I had my beta blood test this morning (it was supposed to be on Monday but I was on vacation so it was delayed). I was not looking forward to this exercise at all and was fighting back the tears in the waiting room. As I suspected would happen, the nurse said she was so excited and nervous for me and asked if I had taken a home test yet. I told her I had and it was negative, but she said it was probably just too early. She said they would have the results within a couple hours.

Low and behold, at 14dp5dt my hcg was at 5. It feels like the universe is giving me the finger. My doctor said she thinks I am most likely not pregnant, but that it is possible with that number so I have to continue to take my meds and go back in Monday morning.

Of course I have googled the crap out of very low betas this far after a transfer and it doesn’t look good. Tonight I get to start the evening off by giving my progesterone in oil injection to myself for the first time since the husband is traveling for work. That should be interesting.

Hoping for a miracle come Monday. Hope everyone has a good weekend! I am going to do everything I can to stay OFF the crazy train!