the $&?&ing PIO

I have a post planned to discuss the interesting and very unexpected way the triplets’ birthdays impacted me, but in the meantime let’s talk about how much progesterone in oil injections suck, again.

After I found out that my fresh IVF cycle resulted in a BFN, I began exercise again (yoga). However more recently I added running/walking to the mix. I was very disconcerted to find that when I jog the right side of my bottom hurts. Today I went for a walk and it is now officially throbbing. The only thing I can think to attribute this to is some type of muscle damage due to the repeated stabbing of PIO.

Has anyone else heard of something like this? It’s been 6 weeks since I last had the shot so it’s crazy to think my bum is still hurt from them! Not looking forward to starting those again very soon…baseline is tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “the $&?&ing PIO

  1. So yeah. Two months past my last PIO and my ass still hurts. I double the suggestion for compression shorts. It’s likely that the shots hit a nerve that is in the process of healing itself, which can take MONTHS, and that is the jiggly pain you’re feeling. (doesn’t help much knowing the what though, does it?)

  2. You are not joking. PIO sucks hard. I am not on them anymore (daily), but have to stick myself once a week with hydroxyprogesterone until like at least 32 weeks gestation. Even at once a week, my ass hurts. But boy do I remember vividly those daily shots.

    I just want to see how you are doing. I know your angelversary happened and I know how hard that would be. Mine is a little over two weeks away for my twins and I am a mess trying to figure out how to handle it. My heart goes out to you and my thoughts are with those babies. Big hugs.

    • No kidding…yeah I will be doing those weekly shots too once I finally get pregnant again. Did you get a cerclage this time?

      Thanks for the thoughts and prayers…they are coming your way too. It is such an “odd” experience to “celebrate” these anniversaries. I use quotes on those words because they don’t fit the situation at all but are the best I can come up with at this point. My goal was/is to remember and focus on how beautiful my babies were and how grateful I am for knowing them. Not easy. Hopefully in the next day or so I’ll gather up the strength for a more detailed post on how we remembered them during this time.

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