holy crap Lovenox sucks

First: thank you for all of the good wishes!

Second: Lovenox sucks! That shot makes my PIO injections feel like getting a massage.

Ok, back to my vacation.


5dp5dt: success!

As I mentioned before, my plan was to start testing early because I was so confident in this cycle…my gut was right….this morning at 5dp5dt I got a faint positive! What a great way to kick off our vacation! Now I’m off to sunny Florida!

UPDATE: My RE figured I might as well start the Heparin since we know I’m pregnant so I get to add that to the regimen on this trip. I’m a little nervous about this shot because I have not heard good things. Any tips would be appreciated!

transfer day

We had the transfer this morning, and are continuing to be very optimistic. I have had several dreams in the last couple weeks about positive pregnancy tests, so hopefully they come true. In one of my dreams I went in for a beta at 8dp5dt (my doctor would not let me come in until 10dp5dt in real life though) and the results came back in the 300’s. I remember in the dream being super freaked out about multiples with that high of a beta so early on. It wasn’t even that high with the triplets. Let’s hope that part of the dream does not happen…

As usual I had some mild cramping immediately after the procedure which always makes me nervous, but I’m trying not to let that stress me out. We spent the rest of the day watching comedy movies and relaxing. Next Tuesday I head down to south Florida for a cruise going from Miami, Key West, and to Cozumel. I have been to all of these places except Key West, but I have been to Key Largo many times because I moved to Naples and then Miami after I graduated from my masters program…I used to take trips to the Keys with friends all the time and always had so much fun. I am really excited to meet up with my Florida friends and have a nice relaxing time during the wait to find out if this transfer worked. I have been back in the Mid-West (where I grew up) for five years now and still cannot stand the winters.

From what I have seen in the infertility blog world, it seems like there are generally two camps for when to take pregnancy tests. Some start testing as early as 5dp5dt, others wait until the day of their beta or even skip the HPT altogether and wait for the blood test results. I could never do that, the amount of anxiety waiting to hear from my doctor, and being in a cubical at work with tons of people around and my husband not there would be way too stressful for me. The weird thing with me is that I seem to vacillate from cycle to cycle between being eager to test super early or being too scared to test before 9dp5dt. This time I know I will be testing early. For some reason I just feel like it is the right thing for me this time. Last cycle I was scared out of my mind to test early because I couldn’t bear to see another negative test. I think at this point I am so confident that those feelings have not come up….although this is subject to change over the next few days. 🙂


There is something weird going on in my head right now. It is blind optimism. I don’t know if it’s because I feel like what happened last month officially put me at rock bottom, or what but I have this very intense certainty that our bad luck ended with that surgery-gone-wrong. I had to schedule a follow up SHG three weeks after the surgery to see if there was any tissue still in my uterus. In my head I was prepared that most likely there would be and I would need another hysteroscopy. I mean it only made sense…what are the chances that the surgeon punctured the hole in my uterus while she was getting the last bit of tissue out? But my gut told me something different. My gut told me everything would be clear. My gut was right.

Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t without a bit of drama and a fair amount of pain. The actual procedure for the SHG had to be done twice because the first catheter was faulty. So that was not fun. Then the doctor saw a small piece of tissue and he was fairly certain it was a piece of my lining, but to be sure he poked at it and squirted saline until it broke off. Let’s just say my uterus was not happy yesterday. My husband even looked like he was gonna pass out while they were doing this…which has never happened to him before.

Anyways, so I got to go in for my baseline today and if things go as planned will likely have the transfer around the 21st. We are planning to take a vacation somewhere tropical and warm the following week so hopefully the dreaded wait is a breeze. But this brings me back to the title of this post. I feel certain this transfer will work. Like so certain that I will be SHOCKED if it doesn’t. I have never experienced such optimism with a transfer before…not even with my first one. Let’s just hope my gut is right…