this time things are different

With my last pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, I never really felt good about things. I wanted to put my heart in it because worrying is such a waste of time, but something made me be guarded. I knew deep down this wasn’t it.

During the two week wait with the triplets, I had a similar optimism as I did this cycle. I had never been pregnant before and had been trying for over a year, but it felt like it was time and I wasn’t too surprised when I got that positive test. After I found out there were three babies I think I went into a state of shock….one that may never truly go away. I still find myself in disbelief that I carried three babies at once for 20 weeks…and then that I lost them so quickly.

I hope the positive feelings I’ve had this time around continue. I definitely feel better about this pregnancy than the last…one hurdle at a time…

PS: beta #1 at 13dp5dt was 1,174. Holy crap that is high.


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