Hi everyone,

Below is a timeline of our journey trying to get pregnant so far:

February – June 2010: off birth control, acupuncture, herbs, no ovulation or periods during this time. We’re in trouble…

June 2010 – January 2011: Acupuncture, Provera and 50 – 150 mg of Clomid, no ovulation during this time. Time to bring in the big guns…

February 2011: PCOS diagnosis confirmed, Acupuncture, Provera to get a period, 12.5 mg Femara days 3-7 (no mature follicles), 250 mg Clomid and 2 mg Estrace days 12-16 (one 18 mm follicle and one 14 mm follicle), Ovidrel trigger day 19, BFN (but still felt like a success because I actually ovulated!!)

March 2011: Acupuncture, 250 mg Clomid days 3-7, 2 mg Estrace days 8-12 (no mature follicles), 250 mg Clomid days 13-17 (no mature follicles?? ultrasound made it look like I might have already ovulated, but I never got a period – this cycle is a bust), Provera

April / May 2011: Acupuncture, 250 mg Clomid days 3-12, 2 mg Estrace days 13-17 (no mature follicles), 100 iu Follistim days 21-24 (no mature follicles), 50 iu Follistim days 25-26 (three follicles sizes 11mm, 12mm, 13mm), 75 iu Follistim days 27-29 (7 follicles sizes 12mm, 14mm, 2 @ 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm), Ovidrel trigger day 30, BFP! Ultrasound at 7 weeks confirms TRIPLETS!!!

July 2011 – September 2011: Start seeing a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist (Dr. MFM), usually every 2 weeks to monitor the triplets. At 10 weeks it appeared that Baby C had a severe Cystic Hygroma. Dr. MFM does not expect Baby C to survive. At 12 weeks Baby C looks perfect – Cystic Hygroma appears to have completely resolved by some miracle! At 14 weeks it is determined that Baby C appears to have a club foot. At 16 weeks we had an Amniocintesis to ensure Baby C does not have a genetic problem. Results came back fine (it’s a boy!), but there is definitely a club foot. Babies A and B look great! At 17 weeks I get my first cervical length measurement: 6 cm – long and strong! Hoping the drama from this pregnancy is coming to an end…

September 24, 2011: Baby A (girl) is born prematurely at exactly 20 weeks 1 day, and passes away approximately 45 minutes after she is born.

September 25, 2011: Baby B (girl) is born still, followed immediately by Baby C (boy) who passes away 15 minutes after he is born.

March 2012: 20 mg Femara days 3-7 (one follicle at 13mm), 20 mg Femara days 11-15 (five follicles at 13mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 23mm), Ovidrel trigger and egg retrieval (removed 4 follicles) performed on day 16 (Dr. MFM says NO MULTIPLES this time due to potential incompetent cervix), BFN

April 2012: Acupuncture, 20 mg Femara days 3-7 (one follicle at 17mm), Ovidrel trigger day 15, BFN

May 2012: Acupuncture, 20 mg Femara days 3-7 (one follicle at 21 mm), Ovidrel trigger day 11, BFN (19 day cycle, luteal phase defect?)

July 2012: IVF #1
200u Follistim days 3-5; 150u Follistim days 6-8; 75u Follistim and 2mg Estrace 3x per day, Ganirelix, days 7-10; added Progesterone in Oil days 9-19; Lupron trigger day 13; retrieval of 37 eggs day 15 and start antibiotic, Estrace 2mg 3x a day, and PIO; add baby Aspirin day 16.
1 day past retrieval: 24 grade 1 embryos
2 days past retrieval: 28 grade 1 embryos
3 days past retrieval: 28 grade 1 embryos
4 days past retrieval: 25 grade 1 embryos
5 days past retrieval: transfer 1 hatching blastocyst.
1dp5dt: 23 blastocysts transferred, all hatching or expanded

September – October 2012: FET #1
Estrace 2mg 4x a day, baby aspirin days; PIO; Prednisone

November 1012: FET #2
Estrace 2mg 4x and day, baby aspirin; PIO; Prednisone; acupuncture immediately before and after transfer
BFP at 9dp5dt
11dp5dt: beta was 15.8
14dp5dt: beta was 29.2
17dp5dt: beta was 114
19dp5dt: beta was 238

By the way…

If you do not want to leave a comment that the whole world can see, feel free to send an email to my private account pcosbarrenness@live.com


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  3. I found your blog through another blog that I follow. I have read through many of your posts and of course your timeline. Your story is heartbreaking, but you strong and courageous for being able to carry on and blog about it. I have also had several losses w/ no baby yet so I can understand some of your pain. Wishing you success in the future (in the very near future)! Hugs.

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