this time things are different

With my last pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, I never really felt good about things. I wanted to put my heart in it because worrying is such a waste of time, but something made me be guarded. I knew deep down this wasn’t it.

During the two week wait with the triplets, I had a similar optimism as I did this cycle. I had never been pregnant before and had been trying for over a year, but it felt like it was time and I wasn’t too surprised when I got that positive test. After I found out there were three babies I think I went into a state of shock….one that may never truly go away. I still find myself in disbelief that I carried three babies at once for 20 weeks…and then that I lost them so quickly.

I hope the positive feelings I’ve had this time around continue. I definitely feel better about this pregnancy than the last…one hurdle at a time…

PS: beta #1 at 13dp5dt was 1,174. Holy crap that is high.


our fighter

Well 48 hours after my last beta we got over double at 238! I was still nervous but my doctor is very happy. We will now just wait, impatiently, for our first ultrasound which will be around December 9. Looks like my golden birthday will be happy tomorrow after all!


Well it looks like we have a fighter…my beta this morning is now up to 114. Our doctor feels “pretty good” with how things are progressing. Here is a re-cap:

11dp5dt: beta was 15.8
14dp5dt: beta was 29.2
17dp5dt: beta was 114

I will go in once more on Wednesday to make sure things are continuing to progress before we schedule our 7 week ultrasound. Please keep sending good vibes/prayers/positive thoughts our way for this to be a healthy baby!


The results are in, and we are just barely less than double our beta since Tuesday. This number is still very low so we are nervous, but at least it is going in the right direction. I will go back in on Monday for the third beta. Still feeling crampy a lot, with occasions where it is more intense…hoping it’s implantation. We were definitely surprised to get an increase….we thought for sure it would be lower because when I took an HPT yesterday the line looked lighter. Fingers crossed that we have a fighter!


Not the best day. My beta came back at 15.8 which is definitely lower than I would have liked. My doctor is having me continue all meds (unfortunately including the Prednisone) and come back on Friday for a repeat. Please pray for a miracle for us, because I’m feeling like this just isn’t going to work this time…

beta day, wahoo

I have to go in for the obligatory beta this morning. Not looking forward to seeing all the super positive and excited faces of the nurses and doctors until I tell them I know it didn’t work. Then they will likely say it might just have been too early to take an hpt. And I’ll fake smile and nod like “yeah maybe you’re right”.

Lets just hope we don’t see a repeat of last time where I had a beta of 5 and they made me wait a couple more days (continuing the meds and PUPO protocol) to retest. That sucked.