back to complaining about PIO

In the epic battle of which fertility medication is making me
the most miserable at the moment, PIO is once again in the lead.

Thanks to the wonderful tip I got last week to do the Lovenox injection extremely slowly, and deciding to ice the area beforehand, that injection is much better for now. I only have two fairly small (although very deep purple) bruises on my belly and the discomfort has decreased.

Oh PIO. I have some seriously large knots in my lower back thanks to these shots. I’m starting to run out of real estate for the injection sites without having to stick the needle straight into a knot. One side is approaching grapefruit size, the other is baseball size. They are seriously making my pants fit tighter, and are visible when I look at my profile in the mirror. They constantly hurt and the bruises are obviously rubbing against my pants all day which does not feel good either. Ugh. I’m such a complainer, but these things stink! I was told that once I get my beta results sent into my primary doctor my insurance will start covering Endometrin. I’m thinking I will replace the PIO with that as soon as we get back from our trip. I have heard that there is potentially some evidence indicating PIO is better for reducing miscarriage risk than Endometrin, but I haven’t seen anything conclusive so I think I’m going to chance it. Does anyone have any insight on this?


holy crap Lovenox sucks

First: thank you for all of the good wishes!

Second: Lovenox sucks! That shot makes my PIO injections feel like getting a massage.

Ok, back to my vacation.

5dp5dt: success!

As I mentioned before, my plan was to start testing early because I was so confident in this cycle…my gut was right….this morning at 5dp5dt I got a faint positive! What a great way to kick off our vacation! Now I’m off to sunny Florida!

UPDATE: My RE figured I might as well start the Heparin since we know I’m pregnant so I get to add that to the regimen on this trip. I’m a little nervous about this shot because I have not heard good things. Any tips would be appreciated!