back to complaining about PIO

In the epic battle of which fertility medication is making me
the most miserable at the moment, PIO is once again in the lead.

Thanks to the wonderful tip I got last week to do the Lovenox injection extremely slowly, and deciding to ice the area beforehand, that injection is much better for now. I only have two fairly small (although very deep purple) bruises on my belly and the discomfort has decreased.

Oh PIO. I have some seriously large knots in my lower back thanks to these shots. I’m starting to run out of real estate for the injection sites without having to stick the needle straight into a knot. One side is approaching grapefruit size, the other is baseball size. They are seriously making my pants fit tighter, and are visible when I look at my profile in the mirror. They constantly hurt and the bruises are obviously rubbing against my pants all day which does not feel good either. Ugh. I’m such a complainer, but these things stink! I was told that once I get my beta results sent into my primary doctor my insurance will start covering Endometrin. I’m thinking I will replace the PIO with that as soon as we get back from our trip. I have heard that there is potentially some evidence indicating PIO is better for reducing miscarriage risk than Endometrin, but I haven’t seen anything conclusive so I think I’m going to chance it. Does anyone have any insight on this?


didn’t think this would happen…

But PIO has now been replaced by Prednisone for the title of Most Horrible IVF Drug for me. Between icing injection sights and using Weleda arnica ointment, my bum is doing much better this time around.

For this cycle Dr. RE decided we should try extending the Prednisone until I get my beta. I figured nbd, it didn’t bother me when I took it for five days during transfer #2. She did warn me about increased moodiness and insomnia though.

Well apparently this weekend I reached my threshold as far as how long I can take this drug with no serious side effects. I have been experiencing the following:
– major insomnia (followed by lots of daytime fatigue)
– irritability over EVERYTHING
– starving…at all times


Anyways so I emailed Dr RE to see if I can stop taking it now that I got a positive. She said I can if I want to. I obviously have been googling the crap out of whether prednisone helps after implantation as far as reducing miscarriage rates and have not found much. I’ll suck it up and keep taking it if it will decrease the chance of losing my baby, but would love to stop taking it.

Anyone out there have experience with this? I am not taking it for a confirmed autoimmune issue, more just to cover my bases since we were out of things we could change each cycle.

UPDATE: Dr. RE clarified that for people who have recurrent unexplained miscarriages there has been one study showing a decreased rate in first trimester miscarriage with Prednisone taken during that time.

the $&?&ing PIO

I have a post planned to discuss the interesting and very unexpected way the triplets’ birthdays impacted me, but in the meantime let’s talk about how much progesterone in oil injections suck, again.

After I found out that my fresh IVF cycle resulted in a BFN, I began exercise again (yoga). However more recently I added running/walking to the mix. I was very disconcerted to find that when I jog the right side of my bottom hurts. Today I went for a walk and it is now officially throbbing. The only thing I can think to attribute this to is some type of muscle damage due to the repeated stabbing of PIO.

Has anyone else heard of something like this? It’s been 6 weeks since I last had the shot so it’s crazy to think my bum is still hurt from them! Not looking forward to starting those again very soon…baseline is tomorrow…


Thanks for the input on my previous post regarding how many embryos to transfer. We decided to do 1 again this cycle. That may change if this second try does not work out, but we’ll cross that bridge if it’s necessary.

Not much else to report…the transfer will likely be sometime in mid-September due to a vacation for the embryologist at our clinic. In the meantime, I’m on birth control and trying to get back into exercising a lot and eating really healthy in preparation for this next cycle. It is so nice to be done with progesterone in oil!